Sunday, 2 August 2015

iPhone Diary - desserts, sunshine & selfies...

This week I had a great week at my new job and an amazing weekend with are the most recent photos on my iPhone...

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

1. My 87 year old Grandad sent me a selfie on the beach!

2. Rob and I tried these...they were yummy but I was expecting soft baked cookies but these were more like cakes.

3. My first attempt at #leanin15 by The Body Coach- beef with rice and cashews- yum!

4. Fireworks on Bournemouth Beach on Friday night :)

5. Mini Golf! I didn't come last woohoo!

6. Strawberry Bubblegum Sundae at Sprinkles...mmmm

7. Reggie chilling in the sunshine just about able to fit on the windowsill!

8. Frozen Yoghurt at the Chilli Festival

9. Selfie in the sunshine at the Chilli Festival with great friends :)

Such a happy week making memories!

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