Tuesday, 21 July 2015

50 Facts About Me

  1. I wear contact lenses every day
  2. I have three tattoos
  3. I hate people touching my stomach
  4. I went to see the Spice Girls in Istanbul for their first ever concert
  5. I hate the dentist, yet I worked in dentistry for almost ten years
  6. At primary school, my friends and I made a 'gang' called 'The Kick Ass Canadians'.. ?!
  7. I have two cats- Amber and Reggie- they hate each other!
  8. I have a scar on my ankle from falling off my bike when I was younger
  9. I love eating gherkins out of the jar, and get fed up of everyone asking if I am pregnant (no...I am not)
  10. I hit someone's wing mirror within ten minutes of my first driving test
  11. I love the SAW film series
  12. I am terrified of cows and swans
  13. I am half Scottish
  14. I LOVE Robbie Williams
  15. I hate coriander
  16. I suffer from panic attacks
  17. I have never broken a bone
  18. I am a very light sleeper
  19. I had to sleep with a fan on in my bedroom for about three years
  20. I have been christened and went to a Christian Primary school
  21. I really hate being on small boats in the sea because I fell off one when I was little
  22. I have a massive girl crush on Beyonce
  23. My husband and I LOVE Yo! Sushi
  24. My middle name is Sarah
  25. I am really shy
  26. I worry about everything but keep it all to myself
  27. I used to have an unhealthy obsession with The Sims (I secretly still do)
  28. I know The Wizard of Oz film word for word
  29. When I yawn people say I sound like Chewbacca
  30. I have seen a clairvoyant and everything he said was true and it scared me so much
  31. I used to hate mayonnaise but now I have it with everything
  32. When I was younger I used to watch Beauty & the Beast and mouth along to the whole film
  33. I was a vegetarian for about a day before giving into a lasagne
  34. I hold my fork in my right hand rather than my left
  35. I LOVE mashed potato
  36. My nails are always painted
  37. I am very sarcastic
  38. I have no sense of direction
  39. I love the smell of bleach
  40. I cannot play any musical instrument
  41. My feet are always cold
  42. I met my husband by poking him on Facebook nearly seven years ago
  43. I love the zoo and the aquarium
  44. I suffer with eczema
  45. If I pluck my eyebrows I will sneeze every time I pluck- I have to have them waxed because of it
  46. I have far too many nail varnishes
  47. I hoard things I will never use
  48. I drive a blue Vauxhall Corsa
  49. I have never had a proper natural tan- I just burn then go back to being pale!
  50. I REALLY struggled with this post

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  1. Love this! Learnt a lot! I didn't know you loved mashed potato so much! Xx