Friday, 17 July 2015

Work on what makes you happy

In a few days I embark on a new career chapter of my life, and I could not be more excited.

Four weeks ago I left a job that made me stressed and miserable and I must admit, at the time, it made me even more stressed contemplating being jobless and penniless.

I had disliked the job for a very long time, and I knew I was only staying there until I found a new job- but that time just was not coming quickly enough.

After an amazing wedding and incredible honeymoon, I went back to work with the knowledge that it was going to be difficult to get back to reality. But I was surprised at just how difficult it was- by 10 o'clock I was on the phone in tears to my best friend, sat outside the Practice in my car.

I just couldn't do it any more- and the final straw was that first morning back after a relaxing three weeks off.

So I made my excuses and left- in hindsight I probably should have seen the day out, but every little thing was making me burst into tears and I didn't want my colleagues to see me like that.

And I never went back. I went to the doctor, was signed off with work related stress, handed my notice in and started the scary journey of finding a new job.

Through all of this I have realised how lucky I am to have a supportive network of people around me- my friends, parents and husband all encouraged me to leave the job that made me miserable and they supported me all the way.

It has meant that we will struggle financially for the next few months, but I have found a job that I feel I am much more suited to, it is closer to my home and although it pays less, this journey has made me realise that money is definitely not everything- happiness is.

If ever you are unhappy with a situation and it is within your power to do so, change it. Don't is too short.

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  1. So many people are unhappy and do nothing to change it. I hope this post helps people realise they can make changes and deserve to be happy. Congratulations on you new job. I agree that money isn't everything - if you can afford to earn a little less than being happy is worth it. I love the quote about the butterflies.
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    1. Thanks lovely I hope so too. Life is far too short to be anything but happy with your life. xx