Sunday, 26 July 2015

iPhone Diary

Every Sunday I thought it would be nice to share my most recent photos from my iPhone- I have seen it on other blogs and it's something I really enjoy reading being the nosey person that I am!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

1. My beautiful Reggie half on my lap, half not- he likes to keep me on my toes

2. Monopoly on a Saturday night- true old married couple style

3. Chilli Nachos that we made last weekend - recipe on here soon for a new feature 'Foodie Friday'

4. Our mini family minus our other cat Amber who never likes to pose for photos (or spend any time with us whatsoever these days!)

5. Reggie hiding in my wardrobe on Monday

6. A lovely card I received on my first day in a new job on Monday from the amazing recruitment company that helped me

7. My cup of fruit that I vow to eat everyday at work!

8. The frame we used for our table plan now features some of our favourite photos from our Wedding Day

9. A weekend omelette of ham, tomato and fresh basil from my plant that I am quite surprised is still living!

Have a relaxing Sunday!

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