Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Got to start somewhere..

Well here we go...for such a long time I have been wanting to start up  a brand new blog. I have had two other blogs in the past -the first one got abandoned when I was about 18 and when I went back I was mortified rather embarrassed if I'm honest (think cringe worthy videos and awful grammar). The second was based only on beauty- something that has always been a massive love of mine.

However I have always wanted a place that I could write about whatever takes my fancy- whether it be a new or old recipe of mine, a Primark haul (will mainly consist of socks), or a DIY post or my favourite beauty items of late.
So this is it...Tales of Tali. My first name is Natalie, but my husband and one of my best friends has always called me Tali- it's definitely not my nickname but it's a name I like and when my husband shouts it in public it always makes me a smile for some reason.

On this blog I will also be writing personal posts- some readers don't like these but when I visit a blog these are usually my favourite- it gives an insight into the person writing the blog and it's also a great outlet for the writer!

I am originally from Bristol but moved to Dorset nearly two years ago when my husband was offered a job opportunity here and we have never looked back. Although I miss my friends and family, we still see them as often as we can- this is such a lovely part of the country to live in and I wouldn't change it for the world.

My life at the moment is about to take on a whole new chapter- I recently got married in May and since returning from honeymoon had a mini breakdown which resulted in me quitting my job (it was a horrible job, don't worry) and next week I embark on a new career in hopefully a much less stressful environment where I can just enjoy meeting the new people and learning some new skills.

The last couple of months have certainly taught me that life is far too short to be wasting it doing anything that doesn't make you smile- it is certainly easier said than done and I completely appreciate that. Luckily I have an amazing husband who has supported me throughout the whole process of being jobless and miserable.

So as I embark on a new life journey I hope that this blog will be somewhere I can come to share, vent, meet new friends and learn a bit about myself in the process!

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